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Piotr KaczkaPiotr Kaczka - Doctor of biology in biophysics. Can use his biotechnological and proteomic knowledge to find the answers to the most complicated questions on the physiology of sport exercise and nutrition and supplement support for people performing professional sport and people training just to improve their health and body. A body-building instructor with long experience. A real enthusiast of this sport, spending long hours at the gym, tirelessly improving his exercising technique. The dedication to his passion allows him to maintain creativity in dietary, supplementation and training advice, implement the best trainer solutions and thus meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Sławomir AmbroziakSławomir Ambroziak - A man with extensive knowledge in supplement support in sport and weight reduction programs. Former sportsman, pharmacist, trainer and judge of power and body shaping disciplines. From 1993 the co-creator of sport pharmacy - Medsport - the first facility involved in professional support of exercise, established at the initiative of the Polish Sport Medicine Association and Central Sport Medicine Centre. Since then he has also been involved in the dissemination of knowledge on diet supplements - their components, action, use and significance for health, body shape and physical strength. He has published to date over 1000 articles.

Zbyszko TarczewskiZbyszko Tarczewski - Enthusiast of healthy nutrition related issues, who was always been interested in diet and health lifestyle, author of many articles on nutrition, power training and supplements. He has been working for many years for Olimp Laboratories - a leader in the sale of pro-health supplements and supplements for sportsmen.



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